Carla Duran Capellan

Middlesex Community College

You Have the Power Today to
Change Tomorrow!

Carla Duran is a student at Middlesex Community College and a 2016 graduate of Lowell High School. As a young woman who immigrated to the U.S. from the Dominican Republic five years ago, she was a shy high school student still mastering English, and transformed herself into an outgoing, confident powerhouse winning a statewide award for her work mentoring students on civic education and action. She also presented at the Massachusetts State House and at the Boston Book Festival as an co-author of a student written book on the key Supreme Court cases, Federal laws, and concepts essential to American diversity. She is also a co-author of the book “Defining Diversity”, an alumna of the Student Leadership board for Generation Citizen, and a participant of the Obama Foundation: Training Young Leaders.

In her free time, she writes poems and op-eds for the local newspapers. Carla’s dream to be Criminal Justice lawyer and believing in the power that lies within all of us to make a difference exemplifies the ethos of our scholars.

"This is Carla. In my nearly six years of teaching, I have never met such a deeply caring, thoughtful, and hardworking young woman. She returns every week to my high-school classroom to help teach and mentor the next generation of new Americans – all while simultaneously working to put herself through college and help support her family. Simply put, Carla is incredible. I believe there is no one more deserving of the Anaya Tipnis Scholarship."
                                                           ~ Social Studies Teacher, Lowell High School