About Anaya

Anaya Tipnis

Each one of us has the power to leave a positive imprint on others. Anaya left a permanent imprint on the hearts and minds of everyone she touched and inspired us to build a village of support around young scholars in need. Through a tuition scholarship, school admissions mentoring, academic tutoring, and other assistance, The Anaya Tipnis Foundation fully embraces its scholars.

Unique, humble and selfless with a quiet regal poise, Anaya was a young woman who understood the privileges education and supportive family and community provided, and felt all young people deserved an opportunity to prosper through higher education and a strong support system.

As the meaning of her name conveys, God answered, Anaya’s life was marked by a nobleness of generosity, warmth, and joy. The Anaya Foundation’s mission and ethos are hers. We are driven by who she was and the change she hoped for the world. Welcome to Anaya’s village.